Sam GrafF

Sam is a Brooklyn based Director, Producer, Editor, and occasional Camera Operator. Before founding Small Giraffes, Sam worked staff on HBO’s The Leftovers, NBC’s The Blacklist, as well as several high profile commercials and reality TV shows. Lately, Sam has become known for his work in the New York music scene. Sometimes Sam produces plays.

Brad reeb

Brad is a seasoned freelance DP and Producer that’s always ready for anything. Brad enjoys collaborating with directors with diverse styles on all kinds of projects including Commercials, Music Videos and Features. When the zombie apocalypse comes, find Brad and keep him close by.

Michael Della Polla

Michael is a freelance Photographer and Filmmaker with a specialty for gimbal operating. He enjoys capturing culture and eccentricity in an organized geometric composition. Four of his influences are Edward Hopper, Arnold Newman, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Yousuf Karsh. Michael loves that anamorphic “look”.


Paulius is a full-time freelance cinematographer that’s worked on a wide variety of digital video productions. He’s shot web and broadcast commercials, reality tv, 2 feature films in India, music videos, 3 feature documentary films and the list goes on with a ton of corporate work. Paulius is an excellent communicator that loves meeting new people.